Sunday, February 28, 2010


"Bill paused again. And then our phone call turned very weird. “Actually, that’s why I’m calling,” Bill continued. “I’ve been praying, Rich. And, um, the thing is, God told me you’re going to be the next president of World Vision.”

For a moment I was speechless. My eyes darted around my office. I was CEO of Lenox, one of the world’s largest makers of fine china. I sat behind an imposing cherry wood desk at our headquarters near Princeton, New Jersey, surrounded by oil paintings and cabinets lined with elegant plates and teacups. A fountain splashed in a pond outside. A door led to my private bathroom. “You must be joking,” I said to Bill.

Bill insisted he wasn’t. “I know it sounds crazy,” he said, “but I’m certain God spoke to me.” He told me where to send my résumé.

“Bill!” I finally barked. “I’m not sending my résumé anywhere. I like my job. I don’t know anything about international—whatever it is World Vision does. I’m not qualified, I’m not interested and I’m not available.”

Bill was silent a moment. “Rich, you’re not listening to God’s plan.”

Huh? That was almost rude! A few awkward moments later we hung up."

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