Monday, March 01, 2010

I Agree with the President

President signs Patriot Act provision extension.

"The provisions, including roving wiretaps, records access and tracking terror suspects not affiliated with any group, were set to expire on Sunday. Democrats opposing the extension were unable to add desired civil-liberties protections."

I applaud the President for his signature, and agree with his stance to leave in place a key piece to the Bush/Cheney model for defense against the shadow world of global terrorists and their indiscriminate bloodlust.

Yet despite a lapse into bombastic rhetoric in 2003, when then senatorial candidate Obama called the Patriot act a "shoddy and dangerous law," Obama has otherwise shown the good sense to vote in favor of the Bush/Cheney model:

In 2006, Senator Obama voted for renewal of the Patriot act.

In 2008, Senator Obama also voted to include warrantless monitoring of Americans’ electronic communications overseas with suspected terrorists.

In 2009, President Obama sided with a FISA court ruling that deemed warrantless wiretapping legal. The ruling also granted legal CYA from lawsuits to telecom companies who cooperated with the DOJ.

Despite campaign promises, Gitmo remains open and will likely never close. Plus, Obama has quietly utilized existing laws to detain terrorist suspects indefinitely without trial.

And They Said My Vote For McCain Would Get Us 4 More Years of Bush...

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