Monday, April 26, 2010

Sarah, Inc.

The New York Magazine Online just published a very long human interest story on Sarah Palin. The author, Gabriel Sherman, wrote 6,177 words in 65 paragraphs across 8 pages - along with a few mediocre logo parodies - to offer a back-handed compliment as to how Sarah Palin is a one woman industry energizing the political arena and amassing millions in a personal fortune by doing so.

Mr. Gabriel flirts with the notion that somehow politics is besmirched by it all, but he can't quite bring himself to actually write those words.

The funniest sentences in this biographical labyrinth?

"Nowadays, for both poles of the political spectrum but especially for the right, politics is a business—the entertainment business. The freak show, as Mark Halperin termed it, has been turned into a fully merchandised product."
It seems that Mr. Gabriel is unaware of Barack Obama's campaign of political theatre for President back in 2008. The most ostentatious and expensive campaign for president in history. It changed everything.

But I guess private citizen Sarah is more interesting than the possibly illegal, and certainly unethical, Obama money machine.
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