Friday, April 23, 2010

A Toilet Paper Shortage in U.S. like in Cuba?

China is hording waste paper products and adversely impacting the global market. I guess 1.3 billion Chinese need to use something else in the throne room besides Yankee dollars.

Liberals are fond of fawning over Papa Fidel and Uncle Raul and the wonderful benevolence they claim to impose upon their desperately poor, captive citizens - despite the brutal realities to the contrary. Like Cuba's 2009 toilet paper shortage.

That was perhaps a teachable moment for the Chi-coms and hording waste paper is an attempt to stave off a similar situation.

"Printer and copier paper retain the nice, long fibers that make the best recycled toilet paper. But a resurgent Chinese economy and domestic waste reduction efforts are cutting the available supply of the good stuff, said Jeff Phillips, executive vice president of operations at Seventh Generation, a major recycled toilet paper manufacturer.

“The cost of office waste paper has skyrocketed (more than doubled) in the last six months primarily as a result of China re-entering the market,” Phillips wrote in an e-mail to “There has [also] been a reduction in availability due to more offices trying to reduce paper consumption and through the use of electronic media."
This could all adversely affect the supplies of toilet paper and cause the price to soar at your local store. Because cutting down more trees will not be tolerated by our Gaia worshiping betters, in the federal halls of power.

So there you have it. Obama sits amidst massive debt, profligate spending, threatened tax increases, unemployment. And, now, a looming toilet paper shortage, all thanks to a nefarious conspiracy between the tree hugging frog lickers  and our money masters, the Chi-Coms, to rid Americans of one more sit down comfort.

H3ll hath no furry like an American woman deprived of potty paper.

Never mind the TEA Party, Democrats.

Beware the Toilet Paper Party!
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