Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dead Dolphins on Gulf Shores a Normal Occurrence

From a dejected ABC News:

Oil Leak and Dead Dolphins Not Necessarily Connected.

"They may be dramatic, but federal officials are warning that pictures of dead dolphins washing ashore in gulf states may not have anything to do with the oil leak coming from the Deepwater Horizon disaster site.

"Even before this oil spill occurred, we were experiencing unusually high stranding rates," said Blair Mase, NOAA's southeast region marine mammal strandings coordinator.

Dolphin strandings are common, said Mase, who noted that 57 bottlenose dolphins were found stranded on beaches in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in the month of March alone."

Lab testing on 66 sea turtles found dead on Mississippi beaches earlier this May came up negative for oil contamination, also.

But NOAA won't let facts get in the way of finding someway to convict the evil Gaia hating kabal of Big Oil, Deathstar Cheney and Halliburton for these marine animal deaths.
"Because they've come in during this event and because there's a possibility they could have been affected by oil inhalation and that sort of thing, we are going to treat it as an oiled animal," Mase said.

The narrative has been settled.
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