Thursday, May 06, 2010

Looney Toons

But it's not funny.

Denial over the bomb plot By Joan Vennochi / Boston Globe
"Nine years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and the corresponding war on terror that American troops have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the average citizen gets it. Some Muslim extremists want to kill Americans and will keep on trying to accomplish their mission.

It’s the first thought that registers when a bomb is placed in cars, shoes, or underwear by someone described as Muslim. What’s so terrible about acknowledging that link?"

10 Questions About the NYC Car Bomb Plot By Judith Miller /
"Here's just some of what I want to know about the failed car bombing in New York's Times Square..."

Remain vigilant on terror threat - The Denver Post Editorial
"Even before investigators knew enough to connect Shahzad to Saturday's failed bombing, Janet Napolitano implausibly assured Americans the incident was a "one-off," or some character acting alone.

Given that investigators still didn't know what they were up against, it should have been impossible for Napolitano to make such an assertion. Coupled with her praise for the system in Abdulmutallab's failed attempt on Christmas day — she initially said it "worked really, very, very smoothly" — it gives the appearance the Obama administration is quick to wave off the ongoing threat to Americans as if not wanting to rattle us.

Meanwhile, the Fort Hood massacre in November exposed a culture among military and security officials that put the laudable desire to be tolerant of religious beliefs above the safety of Americans. Though Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had a track record for promoting jihad and investigators were aware he had exchanged e-mails with the radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki, the psychiatrist continued his career until he shouted "Allahu Akbar!" while killing a dozen soldiers and a civilian."
We get it. We all understand this deadly terror threat from far off lands with strange names, odd languages and a bizarre death cult h3ll bent upon our destruction. Except this administration doesn't get it. The Obama administration is blinded by its maniacal, prejudiced pursuit of "man-caused" disasters from the phantom menace of European ancestry spouting Scripture and clinging to rusty rifles in the backwoods of America as public enemy number one.

His lapdogs in the MSM encourage this irrational narrative.

God forbid, but one day our luck will run out, and this administration will be guilty of gross negligence.

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