Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lybian Jetliner Crashes; 104 Onboard, One Boy Survives

Although this AP story makes no mention of terrorism, or the Lockerbie bomber, who now lives in Lybia as a national hero, I must confess that my first thought upon reading about this tragedy was "Where's Ali al-Megrahi?", but I'm cynical that way.

"TRIPOLI, Libya – A Libyan plane carrying 104 people crashed Wednesday on approach to Tripoli's airport, leaving a field scattered with smoldering debris that included a large chunk of the tail painted with the airline's brightly colored logo. A 10-year-old Dutch boy was the only known survivor.

The Dutch prime minister said everyone on the Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 arriving from Johannesburg, South Africa was killed except the boy, who was undergoing surgery. However, Libyan officials only confirmed that 96 bodies had been found and said rescuers were searching for the rest of the victims.

The Royal Dutch Tourism Board said 61 of the dead came from the Netherlands."

God rest their souls. Our prayers and well wishes go out to their friends and families.
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