Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church: 1st Amendment Crusaders?

The city of Topeka won't force removal of vandals' graffiti from Westboro Baptist Church. City spokesman David Bevens stated that First Amendment concerns would probably outweigh provisions of city's public nuisance ordinance which require removal of such offenses from public view.

That, and there's no sense in giving these putrid cultists anymore free publicity. No arrests have been made for the vandalism.

"The red and black graffiti — including phallic images, references to God and anal sex — spanned the two-car garage door.

A disparaging reference to female genital organs was painted on a wall of the church. A swastika and other graffiti painted on the driveway and garage wall appeared to depict the church as a meeting place for the Ku Klux Klan.

While the church has repaired vandalism in the past, (Church spokeswoman Shirley) Phelps-Roper said members decided to leave this week's graffiti, calling it the "face of Topeka" and the nation.

"We've decided — in as much as we've been telling this nation that they are a rebellious, good-for-nothing group — that we are going to leave it," she said."

How laughable. An open sewer that calls itself a 'church' complaining about the town's dirty laundry. Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for celebrating the deaths of servicemen & servicewomen as God's judgment upon America for embracing homosexuality. Vandals enjoy greater respect.

Still, it points to the great strength of this nation and it's willingness to defend the right of free speech - even the most reprehensible of speech - from the most reprehensible of people who disrespect & dishonor those who would give their lives to defend that very right.

A tragic irony that I'm sure is lost on these obtuse, putrid cultists at Westboro.
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