Monday, February 28, 2011

An Inter-tube Round-up of Vile, Racist Teabaggers Assaulting Union Protesters

24/7 MSM coverage.  
Homeland security on alert!
President calls for 'new civility!!'

Wrong again. Crickets are chirping.

It's only more Neo-Bolshevik thuggery against any who disagree with them.

FOX News anchor Mike Tobin assaulted twice by the far left activists at the Wisconsin capitol building. And it was all caught on tape.

Neo-Bolsheviks Scream F*** You; Attack Tea Partiers & Shove a Petite Older Woman (Video)

Crazed Bolshevik insists NJ Gov. Christie "a terrorist who would shoot workers."

Women-hating, Neo-Bolsheviks hurl epithets at female Kansas lawmakers inside capital building.

A Neo-Bolshevik arrested after assaulting & injuring Tea Party Activist at MoveOn dot Org rally.

One Tea Partier defends himself against 100 Union Members. (In other words, it was a fair fight)

Another crazed Neo-Bolshevik literally foams at the mouth screaming, “Republicans are full of shit and you are a white supremacist.”

But if it ain't on the evening news, 
then there's really nothing to see here. 
Move along, citizens!
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