Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gaddafi Regime Ordered to Appear Before Africa's Highest Court

"African court on human and peoples' rights accuses regime of killing peaceful demonstrators."

Africa has a 'high court?' So what good is it on a continent mired in wars, famine, disease, corruption - and a thriving slave trade - in plethora of failed states run by jihadists, marxists, and bloody dictators?

I think a hint about the court's impotence and irrelevance might be contained in the court's name, which offers a distinction without a difference.

But, we'll give 'em an "E" for effort.

Flashback: In 2002, a junior senator from the state of Illinois named Barack Obama "said that using military force to topple a murderous dictator amounted to a “dumb war” and should be opposed."

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