Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh, BTW, Hamas Terrorists Fire 2 Rockets and 50 Mortars into Southern Israel

But it's no biggie. Just an act of war against Jews. Nothing to see.

From those terrorist sympathizers at the AP:
"JERUSALEM (AP) -- Palestinian militants fired two rockets into southern Israel on Sunday and Israeli troops killed two Palestinians in a new outburst along the volatile border with Gaza.

The violence came a day after Palestinian militants fired more than 50 mortar shells into Israel - the heaviest Palestinian barrage since a bruising Israeli military offensive in Gaza two years ago."
Notice that the AP only attributes 'the violence' to IDF reprisals, not the initial mortar bombardment by Hamas. Also note the AP terms the 2009 IDF offensive as 'bruising, with no mention what so ever of the murderous rocket barrage launched by Hamas which precipitated the invasion.

The AP continues:
"Hamas has ruled Gaza since seizing power in a five-day civil war against the rival Fatah in 2007. As a wave of pro-democracy unrest reverberates through the region, both sides have faced growing calls to reconcile. Fatah, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, controls only the West Bank.

On Saturday, Hamas police assaulted protesters and journalists at a demonstration calling for reconciliation. New York-based Human Rights Watch criticized Hamas for Saturday's crackdown,and a similar one at a demonstration last Tuesday."
In 2009, President Obama awarded $900 billion of your tax dollars to these murderous pigs. Thanx, Barry!
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