Sunday, March 20, 2011

SCOTUS Upholds Ruling in Favor of Badger Catholic Student Group vs U. of Wis.-Madison

From the ADF:
"In September 2010, the 7th Circuit ruled in Badger Catholic v. Walsh that University of Wisconsin-Madison officials violated the First Amendment by refusing to fund certain events of Badger Catholic, a registered student group, while providing funding for the events of other student organizations.
The university refused funds from student activity fees because the student group’s events contained religious expression, including prayer, worship, and proselytization. The 7th Circuit affirmed lower court rulings that concluded the funding refusal amounted to unconstitutional discrimination based on viewpoint."
Agreed. Either deny equal access to funding for all groups, or allow equal access to funding.

"Separation of Church & State" is the oft misunderstood and misapplied cry for suppression of religious expression, and does not hold at what is ostensibly a free and open market place for ideas - the public university.

But, sadly, this may not be the end to academic religious bigotry in this matter.
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