Saturday, April 09, 2011

Blog Notes

I have been absent, and my faithful audience (thanx, mom!) is forlorn.

But, since it's that noxious time of year when 1099s, inventory reports, P/L statements, and 1040s (coupled with its basterd children, which are schedules), and the voluminous tombs of ever metastasizing dept. of revenue instructions come home to roost, a wildly successful and vastly influential (read: eeebil & greedy conservative) small business owner like moi, shall be otherwise occupied completing my obligations to pour money down the rat hole which is gub'mint.

Clear as mud, right? Kinda like our tax code.

Good thing I don't run my business like the feds, or I'd be out of business, under investigation for fraud, and facing possible jail time.

But, since they are politicians, they get re-elected. Go figure.
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