Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Lady Invites Rapper to White House

The Daily Caller has the much ado about nothing.

A sample of Lonnie Lynn, Jr's. (AKA Common) 'poetry' can be found here. Word is this Lynn guy is pretty much a candy @ss according to 'real' gangsta thug rappers.

But I don’t care this rapper doesn’t like GW Bush. Or that he champions convicted cop killers, or even that he's an anti-white racialist. It doesn't surprise me this rapper is invited to the White House for yet another self-indulgent soiree.

Nope. What’s amazing to me is how bad this Lonnie Lynn Jr’s. ‘poetry’ SUKKS!! His butchery of the English language is decidedly all too ‘common,’ apparently.

However, that’s obviously quite satisfactory for this declasse, tone-deaf posse of community activists which currently reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Your tax dollars at work, citizens.

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