Thursday, May 12, 2011


 From Boortz:
"At this point, Barack Obama has lost support among every single economic or ethnic demographic segment of our society …even among black voters.  Although, his approval ratings with black voters are still in the 80% range. 

The young, the poor, rich, white and even Hispanics … barely half of each of these groups approves of the job that Obama is doing.  Recent reports say that Obama has had to make waves in the gay community, in order to make up for campaign donations otherwise lacking from wealthy supporters. When it comes down to it, Obama is still likely to carry the vote for certain groups of voters: blacks, the young, the poor, the government workers, the union workers, single women. 

But there is one giant group out there that Obama is desperate to win over: Hispanics."
Yet another kinetic political action from our post-racialist  president.
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