Sunday, May 22, 2011

Klavan on the Culture

Your Putz Reference Point Headquarters which explains to all the putzes how Osama bin Laden utilized his free will to opt out of the humanity clause in the Social Contract.

But never mind all that. Simply join in with the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in West Palm Beach, Fla. to pray for the soul of OBL, et al.

From TIME Magazine:
"Parishioner Henry Borga requested the Mass intention on behalf of one Osama bin Laden. It is a long-standing tradition in the Catholic Church to offer Masses for souls in purgatory or to remember someone who has died or to honor someone still living. Borga told a local television channel that he placed the request for bin Laden because "he needs forgiveness and compassion from God."
Two points for Mr. Borga to ponder;
1) Remembrance or honor is one thing, but what's the point of praying for a dead person? The time for salvation is in this life, not the next.
2) Yet, I wonder if Mr. Borga was ever moved to organize a misguided prayer vigil at the death Ayman al-Zawahiri or Saddam Hussein or any number of thousands killed during the Iraq war?

We are called to forgive, yes, but that does not mean we are required to forget their evil - or tolerate it.
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