Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amazon dot Com Terminates Deal with 25,000 Calif. Affiliates

Why? Because California wants to tax those internet sales. And Amazon doesn't want to absorb the onerous regulatory costs of collecting taxes for California.

Alternative headline: Greedy Liberal Fascists Accelerate California's Rapid Downward Spiral into a Third World Toilet.

Or reason number 248 Kalifornia needs to slide off into the Pacific.

From the OC Register:
"Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law California’s tax on Internet sales through affiliate advertising which will immediately cut small-business website revenue 20% to 30%, experts say.

The bill, AB 28X, takes effect immediately. The state Board of Equalization says the tax will raise $200 million a year, but critics claim it will raise nothing because online retailers will end their affiliate programs rather than collect the tax."
Once again, the super colossal cognitive dissonance of Liberalism demonstrates its total ignorance of human nature. Plus, there are Constitutional prohibitions against states taxing interstate commerce - which is Federal jurisdiction; like immigration enforcement.

(I'm sure our incompetent, finger wagging AG Eric Holder will jump right on California's flagrant intrusion into Federal business.)

The article continues:
"Almost all the California Amazon affiliates have fewer than 75 employees and a large percentage have no employees, according to Rebecca Madigan executive director of the Performance Marketing Association, a Camarillo-based nationwide trade association.

“This law won’t impact Amazon that much but it is a crisis for website owners who make revenue by placing ads on their websites for thousands of online retailers,” Madigan said. “Most of them don’t have a physical presence in California.”
Liberalism truly is a mental disease.

At least he can't raise your taxes.
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