Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ladies & gentlemen, the President of the United States

This is a re-post from February, just as a reminder.

 “It’s Time Washington Acted as Responsibly as Our Families Do:”

"Families across this country understand what it takes to manage a  budget.  They understand what it takes to make ends meet without  forgoing important investments like education.  Well, it’s time  Washington acted as responsibly as our families do.  And on Monday, I’m  proposing a new budget that will help us live within our means while  investing in our future. "

The truly sad part is he said all that with a straight face.

“Live within our means?”

Heck, if I could squeeze foreigners for trillions of dollars, “QE2″ my debt,  then force my neighbors to pay for it, I could live within my  profligate means, too.

Plus, notice the President's continued manipulation of language and perverse definitions. When any bureaucrat says "investing in our future," he really means "spending your tax dollars."

The national debt has increased $5 Trillion since top democrats promised “no new deficit spending.”

Glad to see that economics degree from a cracker jack box is paying off, Barry.
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