Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More "Conservative Texas is Booming VS Liberal California is Floundering"

 From Jay Ambrose @ RCP:
"Businesses love all that, varied researchers tell us. A number point out that, in 2008, Texas accounted for fully 70 percent of all new jobs created in America, and if you think that's great, which it is, don't suppose this was a one-shot deal. Businesses are reported to rate Texas the single best state in which to operate. Give them a chance and many will pull up stakes from yonder plunder-and-abuse venue and follow the Lone Star to high profits, sharing prosperity and opportunity as they resettle.

Meanwhile, what glitters is definitely not the Golden State. California is faced with a $26 billion deficit, cripples businesses with unconscionable taxes and rules, has dreamt up environmental objectives that in effect are combat tactics against the common good and is faced with a cost of living that is only part of the reason why citizens are deserting the place like the hordes that once upon a time rushed to enjoy its splendor."
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