Sunday, June 12, 2011

WJDND - What Jesus Did Not Do

(This is a re-post.)

Gary DeMar, over at, has a post entitled "Why liberals (sometimes) love the Bible."

I think the post should be called "Why liberals take Biblical texts out of context to make a pretext to further their nanny state imposed socialist bvllsh1t", but it's a bit of a tongue twister. DeMar makes some good points, none the less.

I'll simply add my own repost of - not 'what would Jesus do' - but What Jesus Did Not Do:

Jesus did not say, "The poor in our society can be middle class with more gub'mint funding."

Jesus did not approach the Sanhedrin to demand a tithe on Temple goers to clothe the naked & feed the hungry.

Jesus did not petition the Senate in Rome to levy a tax on all subjects in order to do medical research and heal the sick.

Jesus did not end the parable of The Good Samaritan with a guilt trip to goad the townspeople to pay for the expenses of others with confiscated wealth.

Jesus did not promise an earthly utopia through political solutions or judicial fiat.

All the miracles that Jesus performed were designed to point to His divine nature and the truth of His Word of Heavenly salvation - not to solve the earthly dilemmas of sickness, hunger & poverty.

In short, these incendiary, health-care reform ideologues pontificating about WWJD seem to be outright ignorant of Biblical knowledge and down right bereft of wisdom in their h3ll bent rush for power.
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