Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About Last Night: Obama's Speech

Much has already been written, so here's my 2 cents:
“When your enemy is destroying himself, never interfere.” - Sun Tzu

The eloquent visionary who once claimed to slow the ocean’s rise and heal the planet is now a feckless & reckless functionary who cannot tame 500 plus congress critters. In short, Good King Barack has become irrelevant to the process.

Even Congressional Democrats are disgusted with Barack’s arrogance and condescension toward one third of this federal triumvirate. This was most evident two months ago when the Senate voted down his own budget, 97-0.

Obama already tee’d off SCOTUS at his first State of the Union Address, resulting in their absence during his second.

And fearful of the inevitable in this race towards the bottom, many in Good King Barack’s inner circle have wisely deployed their golden parachutes.

It's obvious to all but the most servile sycophants that Obama is revealing himself to be nothing more than an incompetent juvenile; driven by hubris and determined to isolate himself.

Brevity is the soul of wit and Charles Krauthammer embodies it: “I Thought I Was Cynical Until I Heard Obama’s Speech.”

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