Friday, July 08, 2011

Looney Toons is, As Looney Toons Does

(this is a re-post from January, 2011)

Fortunately, not all of them murder people. Although some do advocate murder...  and some simply tinkle on their own leg - then advocate murder, all the while cashing pay checks from their employer, whose parent company got bailed out by the Feds to the tune of 126 billion dollars.

But they don't contribute to a climate of hate.

See how this works?

Don Douglas, over at American Power, highlights "The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Left-Wing Attacks on U.S. Conservatives Following the Arizona Shootings."  Douglas rightly points out that the list is incomplete, compiled a day before the self-indulgent, hate-mongering, religious bigot Bill Maher chimed in with his defamatory screed about the Tuscon tragedy.

 Uh, oh. Now this.

If you've lost Charles Blow...: Calling a 'witch hunt' a 'witch hunt.'

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