Friday, July 08, 2011

US adds 18,000 jobs, Canada adds 28,400

DS at the DM puts a fine point on it:
"We spent $787 billion for this.

Had we done nothing — and this is from President Obama, not me — the unemployment rate would be a full point below what it is now.

Now he can say he was handed a bad hand of cards, but he played them even worse.

And it gets worse..."
Unless you're employed by Obama: The White House will pay $37,121,463 in salaries for 454 employees in 2011.

That makes the average W.H. staffer salary $81,765—or 65% above the median household income of us 'bitter' citizens clinging to our guns and religion and xenophobia.

Uh oh. Obama caught in lie about White House salaries during twitter tweet confab.  


Cue the MSM chirping cricket chorus.
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