Friday, February 10, 2012

Conservatives: Why We SUCK!

Hey. When you get down to it, all Liberal criticism of Conservatives comes down to "YOU SUCK!" Find out why PJTV's Bill Whittle says, "They're right!" (5 min. video embedded below)

"...It's much easier and nicer to be the Liberal promising you 'free' things that actually costs money; it sucks to be the person telling you nothing is free, but that's the truth.

It sucks to believe that the flip side of personal freedom is personal responsibility. We Conservatives know that we could get a lot more young people voting for us if we'd promise to eliminate their student loans, but that's not only not financially sound (which sucks), when you turn 18 you become an adult. If you took out a $200,000 student loan for Medieval Italian Poetry, well, that's your business. But you took the money. You spent it and now you're responsible for it. Conservatives don't think you get to be a 'part time adult.' It'd be nice if you could, and it kinda sucks that you can't.

Now, likewise, if your child is obese, that's your fault. It's not the clown's fault!..."

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