Thursday, March 22, 2012

French Police Kill Violent Jihadist Responsible for Toulouse Jewish School Murders

You know, the gunman who European talking heads feverishly speculated was a Neo-Nazi, thus someone on the "extreme right." With the additional possibility he's a radical Lutheran. Of course.

May the Lord have mercy on his miserable soul.

From the Telegraph UK:
"Mohamed Merah, an Islamic extremist who boasted of killing seven people to strike back at France, was shot in the head by police as he jumped out of his apartment after a fierce gunfight with police.

His dramatic death ended a more than 32-hour standoff with an elite police squad trying to capture him alive. The 23-year-old suspect was wanted in the deaths of three paratroopers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi – all killed since March 11 in what he reportedly told police was an attempt to "bring France to its knees...

Merah had filmed all three killings, and claimed to have posted them online. Police have viewed the videos. The prosecutor said the gunman, in his first killing of a paratrooper March 11, is heard on the video saying "You kill my brothers; I kill you."

When killing two other paratroopers four days later in the nearby town of Montauban, he cried out "Allahu akbar," or "God is great" in Arabic. "
 Which probably explains these vanilla headlines:

From the NY Times: French Slaying Suspect Dead After Police Raid Hideout.
From the AP: France's interior minister says terror suspect wants to ‘die with weapons in his hands’ as standoff enters second day.
From CNN: French killings suspect dies shooting at police, authorities say.
From the WaPo: Mohammed Merah, Toulouse shooting suspect, dead after police standoff, shootout.

"French slaying suspect." "Terror suspect." "Killings suspect." "Toulouse shooting suspect."

Just don't say "violent jihadist' because we mustn't rush to judgment about the suspect's motives. Unless, of course, he's a extreme right, neo-nazi, radical Lutheran.

H over at the JR writes, "Its worthy to note that there has been a recent spate of Violence with Jihadis connected to Southwestern France and Belgium."

We may not be at war with Islam, but apparently, Islam is at war with the West.
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