Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I Looked up 'Fluke' in the Dictionary

It's a multi-faceted word, and there's a picture, too.

fluke (flk) : noun

1. A chance occurrence; an accident.

2. Either of the two flattened fins of a whale's tail.

3. Any of numerous flatworms of the class Trematoda, including both external and internal parasites of animal hosts, that have a thick outer cuticle and one or more suckers or hooks for attaching to host tissue.

Puzzled. Red Square at the People's Cube says this has something to do with a fish, but you'll have to click on over to read all about it.

But I'm puzzled as to why Miss Fluke, or any other woman for that matter, could be so promiscuous as to be financially disadvantaged by her purchase of contraceptives.  Since 1970, Title X of the Public Health Service Act mandates access to contraceptive services, supplies and information to all who want and need them - particularly people of low income.

From the HHS website:
"The Title X Family Planning program is administered within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Population Affairs (OPA) by the Office of Family Planning (OFP). At least 90 percent of appropriated funding is used for clinical family planning services as described in the statute and regulations (45 CFR Part 59).

Nearly 100 Title X grantees provide family planning services to more than five million women and men through a network of over 4,500 community-based clinics that include State and local health departments, tribal organizations, hospitals, university health centers, independent clinics, community health centers, faith-based organizations, and other public and private nonprofit agencies. In approximately 75% of U.S. counties, there is at least one clinic that receives Title X funds and provides services as required under the Title X statute."
Planned Parenthood is part of this network of health clinics in 75% of ALL U.S. counties. The Office of Population Affairs (OPA) has determined that the other 25% of U.S. counties are so rural that no one lives there.

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, since 1987, PP has received 2.7 BILLION tax dollars. And guess how many PP clinics are within walking distance of Georgetown University (where Miss Fluke agitates as a 'reproductive rights activist')?? Twice as many as there are WalMarts and Target Stores © offering birth control pills at $9 / month.

What do you call males and females who provide for their own birth control? Adults.

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