Friday, April 13, 2012

Leftist California Professors "Corrupt" Higher Education

From the succinct and erudite Larry Elder:

"Students are immersed in an education that emphasizes the wrongs done to minorities, women, gays and other groups. Gender, ethnic, religious and sexual orientation grievances are highlighted as representative of an imperial, racist, exploitative capitalist superpower that continues to engage in widespread racism, sexism, homophobia and worldwide domination.

"We wuz wronged" takes center stage over a basic understanding of economics, of the concept of federalism, and of the values that turned a struggling bunch of colonies into a political and economic superpower. Indeed, the very mission statements of many departments on UC campuses stress their commitment to activism for enacting social change, or to bring about social or racial or fill-in-the-blank justice."
And from these ivory sewers of indoctrination crawl the ilk of Occupy Wall Street, et al. Partially subsidized by your tax dollars, of course.

We dealt with "Outrageous College Tuition Pays for "diversity and inclusion" last week.
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