Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Love of Theory is the Root of all Evil."

Brilliant stuff.

"You know Marx had a theory. So did Engels. So did Stalin. That theory - that people would work as hard for a collective as they would for themselves - ended up killing about 50 million people in forced starvations, executions, purges and labor gulags.
Mao had a theory, more or less the same thing, that probably killed another 50 million or so, sacrificed to that same blood thirsty god.
Economist Paul Krugman has a theory that says essentially if the govt. is spending so much money, that the non-partisan congressional budget office predicts that there will no longer be a U.S. economy by 2027, the solution to this problem is to spend more money! He believes - and Pelosi, and Obama, and Reid believe - that the reason we have not seen any prosperity from this obviously insane theory is because, as with the apologist for communism, we just didn't do enough of it. It's madness. They don't care.
Their emotional need for this theory to be true trumps everything else."
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