Monday, May 21, 2012

Lobbyists Infest Obama's White House

 Ed Morrissey at writes:
"Some of these visitors are the usual suspects — lobbyists for unions, the ACLU, and so on.  But a great many more represent the very corporate interests that Obama blasted in 2008. .."
It's a far cry from what Pres. Obama promised during his 1st week in the Oval Office when "(Obama) moved to fulfill his campaign pledge to end the so-called revolving door, the longstanding Washington practice whereby White House officials depart for the private sector and cash in on their connections by lobbying former colleagues."

In 2011,  W.H. aides met with lobbyists off the White House campus, and Obama issued waivers to get them (lobbyists) around his self-imposed ban.

Hopey-changey, boys n girls.
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