Monday, May 21, 2012

More Gub'mint School Employees Molesting, Endangering Your Kids

Virginia School Bus Driver Guilty of Sex with 15 Y.O. Boy

Texas Teacher Sentenced to 3 years Prison for Sexual Assault on 14 Y.O. Boy

Ohio Teacher Guilty in Sex Case with 15 Y.O. Boy 

NYC Teacher Gets Probation, Loses Teacher's License over Sexual Misconduct w/ 16 Y.O. Boy
(I wonder if a male teacher would get such leniency assaulting a girl student?)

Mississippi Teacher Gets Probation for Sexual Battery of 17 Y.O. Male Student
(same question as above)

Michigan Teacher Gets 2 yrs Prison in Sex Case Involving 15 Y.O. Boy

Massachusetts Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Rape of 13 Y.O. Boy

Illinois Teacher Aide Guilty of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse against 17 Y.O. Student

Cali. Teacher Aide Sentenced to 7 yrs Prison for Molesting 13 Y.O. Male Student

 And that's just from March of this year!

There seems to be an inordinate parade of perverts and pedophiles with teaching certificates employed at gub'mint schools compared to other professions. I guess it's a good thang they're not nuns or priests or the national media might actually report on this horrendous pattern of child abuse. 

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