Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama Campaign: NY Times is Biased!

Between my snorts and chuckles, I've issued a Brutal Irony Alert.

I'll let Charlie Spiering at the Washington Examiner explain:
"Obama campaign deputy manager Stephanie Cutter dismissed today's CBS/New York Times poll showing that 67 percent of people believed Obama made his decision on gay marriage for political reasons. Only 24 percent said that Obama did it “mostly because he thinks it is right.”
Even MSNBC Host Chuck Todd was gobsmacked by Cutter's refusal deviate from her talking points and acknowledge the 3-1 margin against her boss. "It's a biased sample," Cutter protested, "so they re-biased the same sample."

James Taranto at the WSJ cleared things up: "...Obama has managed a neat trick: He has managed to look like a cynical opportunist while taking an unpopular position."

But, the more things stay the same, the more things stay the same: Dick Cheney announced support for homosexual marriage several years ago when he was V.P., so Obama is still leading from behind (no pun!).
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