Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mo. Gov. Kills 8 Point Buck; Donates Meat to Food Bank, Bambi Lovers Cry

 "Processing of meat donated by Missouri hunters is coordinated through a public-private program called Share the Harvest. Officials say more than 2 million pounds of meat have been donated since the program started in 1992."
It's what real men do.

But Bob Priddy over at MissouriNet has problems with the bloody sport, and asks, "do we have to refer to the hunters who go out and put a bullet in Bambi as “harvesting” deer?"

And Tony B. at TKC writes like a sissy-fied city boy to rationalize how killing bambi's mother is 'shameful' based upon some flimsy anecdotal whine about how city homeless shelters don't like deer meat, and it goes to waste.

Cry me a river. Good grief.

Harvesting. Hunting. Whatever. Get over it.

The common mule or whitetail deer is not ‘bambi.’ It is little more than an antlered rat that destroys cash crops, spreads disease, and causes your comprehensive rates to skyrocket -  if these antlered rats aren't managed properly – like a crop, which is then harvested.

And if someone doesn't want to eat free food, then go hungry. Or wait for Santa to fly in from D.C. with your designer entitlements.

Good grief.
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