Friday, November 02, 2012

PT 3: 2012 Missouri Ballot Recommendations

**Republicans Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan for U.S. President & Vice-President

Why? I am voting for Romney-Ryan(R) because there are probably two Supreme Court vacancies coming up soon, and the last man I want filling those vacancies is Baraka Obama.

You want more?

OK. Compare and contrast:

Mitt Romney – has a Harvard Law Degree
Barack Obama – has a Harvard Law Degree

Mitt Romney – has a Harvard M.B.A
Barack Obama – doesn’t

Mitt Romney - CEO of a multibillion dollar business
Barack Obama - community aggitator, university guest lecturer and career politician

Mitt Romney - makes money
Barack Obama - takes money

Mitt Romney – gave away his entire inheritance and still became a millionaire
Barack Obama - used Affirmative Action and coercion to get ahead

Mitt Romney – as Governor, didn’t collect a pay check
Barack Obama - as Politician, has direct deposit

Mitt Romney - invests money to create jobs
Barack Obama - spends money to lose jobs

Mitt Romney – Positive outlook and message
Barack Obama – Angry, bitter demagoguery

Mitt Romney – takes responsibility for what he does and doesn’t make excuses
Barack Obama – blames everyone else and has used every excuse in the book

Mitt Romney – is running on his record of success
Barack Obama – wants to talk about anything but his record

Mitt Romney – Believes in America
Barack Obama – Divides America


~Pres. Obama has enslaved our grandchildren with $6,000,000,000,000.00 in new DEBT in 4 years.
~Pres. Obama p!ssed $800 BILLION down the 'shovel ready jobs' crapper with jobs that weren't quite shovel ready (chuckle, chuckle)
~Pres. Obama sued states for requiring valid photo IDs to vote.
~Pres. Obama hasn't sued states that provide sanctuary cities to illegal aliens.
~Pres. Obama said "Eff You!" to Congress and gave $192,000,000.00 of your tax dollars to a state sponsor of terrorism.
~Pres. Obama unleashed the EPA to shut down coal & oil production.
~Pres. Obama shoveled $90 BILLION to his political cronies for bankrupt 'green energy.'
~Pres. Obama lectures others on 'Lilly Ledbetter Equality,' but pays W.H. women staffers 18% less than male counterparts.
~Pres. Obama has Joe (bfd) Biden for his VP
~Pres. Obama has presided over the only DOWN GRADE of U.S. credit rating in this nation's history!
~Pres. Obama promised that Obamacare would cut family health insurance premiums by $2,500, but instead those costs have RISEN $2500.
~ObamaCare administrative costs have sky rocketed past THRICE the original estimates - and it ain't even fully implemented!
~Pres. Obama Embraced the Violent OWS Mobs in Oct., 2011. 
~Fast & Furious is Watergate with 300 Murdered People (VIDEO)
~The murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya highlight this administration's own glaring incompetence and the danger they place all of us in...

More Americans now are out of work than when this president took office; Gasoline prices have RISEN 60%; Family income has DROPPED 7.5%; Americans in poverty has RISEN 15%; GDP continues to FALL under this president...

Hope ain't hiring and Obama-nomics isn't working.

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan for U.S. President & Vice-President

 **Todd Akin(R) for Missouri U.S. Senator 

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