Monday, December 31, 2012

Look At All These Guns People Got for Christmas

That's the title to a post in the Atlantic Wire by Rebecca Greenfield. Click here to see pictures culled from something called 'Instagram' of the many gleeful new toy owners on Christmas morning. Miss Greenfield opines on 'all these guns' with nary a hint of angst, until her last bit of demagogic ignorance at the bottom of the page: "Gun control didn't stop these people from getting what they want for Christmas—at least not this year."

I got news for you Miss Greenfield; 'gun control' is not supposed to prevent law abiding citizens from purchasing firearms.


Of course, guns for Christmas are nothing new. Not too long ago - in this country's pre-PC, panty waist culture of nanny state-ers - pistols and rifles were often advertised as good clean family fun, and a means to teach a boy about being a responsible man; 'take your boy hunting instead of hunting for your boy.' In fact, a fairly popular Xmas movie recently reared its farcical head detailing one boy's nostalgic obsession to ensure Santa delivered a BB gun to him on Christmas morning.

When I was young, my own father presented his 3 young sons with .22 cal target pistol, and we were ecstatic! We drove out to the fields at the edge of town, that afternoon, and got our first shootin' lesson. As we grew, our use with, and calibers of, firearms increased and served us well over the years. I don't ever recall myself, my brothers, or any of my friends committing murder - mass or otherwise - because of our early exposure to a firearm.

As for overall gun sales in the U.S. of A., let's not forget, Obama is still Gun Salesman in Chief. Gun sales have soared since Obama was 1st elected in 2008, and his re-election has spurred sales even higher, based upon recent FBI background checks.  Additionally, the Liberals and proglodytes are eagerly politicizing the deaths of 26 murdered children and teachers in Newtown, Conn. to champion more restrictive gun laws, so fear of an impending firearm ban helped spur 2012 year-end gun sales.

But more restrictive guns laws or an impending firearm ban will not prevent criminals from obtaining an entire arsenal.  Thank God for Guns, huh Jerry?


Oh, and take your girl hunting, instead of hunting for your girl.
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