Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obama Claus Wants to Help Pay Your Underwater Mortgage, Citizens!

From Erika Johnsen over at HA:
"Making home affordable is a free government program."

Is that a huge, glaring red flag for anybody else? I realize that these are tough times and there are many people undergoing real material hardship, but remember what happened when decades of the federal government’s meddling in the housing market came to a head, just a few years ago? I believe we call that little ol’ occurrence, the financial meltdown.
The feds’ housing-policy apparatuses are already in dire straits, and as much as Obama just loves to talk about ‘not going back to the same policies that got us here in the first place,’ he is remarkably committed to furthering the government’s self-imposed role in providing politically-edged financial services that the private sector is much better at administering."
No problem, citizens. This authority is found in the Constitution's 'Provide Welfare Clause.'
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