Thursday, January 03, 2013

Idle Thursday

First gun control, now finger control.
(First grader suspended from govt. school for pointing finger, saying 'pow' to another boy)

 Video: Samuel L. Jackson demands reporter use ‘n-word’ in ‘Django Unchained’ interview.
(Even Spike Lee is disgusted by this angry little turd)

 Obama's Regulatory Surge Empowers Bureaucrats. In the first 3 years alone, Obama added $46 billion / yr. to regulatory costs — compared to just $8.1 billion under Bush. (And these parasites wonder why the economy is sluggish)


The Man Who Can Say No: Who Is Eric Cantor (Apparently, one of the few men still left in that fetid swamp with a pair of stones.)

Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden. (If you've ever wondered who works for whom; there's your answer)

Unfortunately, John (brown nose) Boehner(R) will survive today's vote and remain Speaker of the House.

Just a reminder: We’re still $16+ trillion in debt. (But we have a money tree, plebes, so STFU)

 When I questioned Hillary Clinton’s health claims, I was relying on the best intelligence available at the time. (Enrage a Liberal. Forward this today)

PSYCHOPATHS: TV, RADIO AND JOURNALISTS RATE HIGH  (OK. But why is 'politician' not listed?)

 Obama Returns to Hawaii at an Added Cost of Over $3 Million. Total cost to the tax payers: $7 million. (All hail Dear Leader!)

Marine Tells Di Feinstein, ‘No Ma’am’ Over Gun Grabbing. (Semer Fi is a totally foreign concept to politicians)

Time for David Gregory to Apologize. (Uh, huh. Wake me when there's frost warnings in h3ll)
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