Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Is America Becoming a Pagan Kingdom?

An interesting and thoughtful article in the Canada Free Press:
"...Paganism is a set of beliefs and practices essentially tied to the societies of the ancient world outside Judaism and Christianity. In particular, classical paganism was the worldview of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The revival of these ancient cultures during the Renaissance by way of the ancient writers is the foundation for Humanism. Despite the many high points of ancient classical paganism, these cultures’ values were rejected by the Christian West as utterly at odds with the great standards created by the rise of Christian Europe. This article details how these standards, misunderstood and rejected, are being slowly lost and replaced by unenlightened instincts and more primitive beliefs."
I. The Drift of Modern American Public Policy & Societal Mores
II. Ancient Roots of Modern Paganism
III. Chief Doctrines of Reborn Paganism

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