Thursday, January 31, 2013

*Titillating Thursday

But all safe for work, of course.

"Hooliganism motivated by religious hatred:" Pussy Riot Cathedral Video Banned in Russia.

Less housework equals more sex for married men (add 'fetch me a beer' and she'll give you a night to remember, Bub).

FEMEN gets all nippley in Davos, Switzerland. Let me know how that works out for you ladies...

There they go again: Femen stages topless gay rights protest in Vatican (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

We've seen these boobs before.

Don't mess with the fraulein, even if she would look so hawt in a 'Dirndl.'

Real Science:  Scientists figure out what makes beer good for you.

Uh oh. After that, they always march into France: German beer drinking hits post-reunification low.

And proud of it, too: Redheads of the world unite!

His interests include “Satan, drinking human blood, deflowering virgins” and the TV show “Dexter,” which is about a serial killer.

A Great Future in Managing Political Campaigns: FBI arrests 'sextortionist' for Blackmailing Women into Exposing themselves on Intertoob Webcams.

It's not just for stanky Mohammed parody filmmakers who Obama seeks to demonize: Canadian Woman Con Artist Banned from Internet.  No jail time though.

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