Thursday, January 24, 2013

'Toon Thursday

But don't bother Floyd Thursby.

Seau family sues NFL over brain injuries.
"Seau died at age 43 of a self-inflicted gunshot in May. He was diagnosed with CTE, based on posthumous tests..."
Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf Sent to Prison.

Putting Armstrong / Livestrong Mythologies to Rest.
ACLU Gives Up Trying to Stop Kansas Abortion-Insurance Funding Ban.

Liberals would be outraged 'If They Were Baby Seals Instead of Just Babies...'

'3801 Lancaster': The Naked Evil of Abortion.
"The title refers to the address of an abortion clinic in West Philadelphia that is the site of a scandal so horrific that it’s almost impossible to describe without tears."

At least have the decency to use your shoe, Madam Sect'y! Wannabees. Sheesh.

'What Difference Does It Make?' Mrs. Clinton finds herself in a familiar, if ironic, role.

Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: If I were president, ‘I would have relieved you of your post’[VIDEO]

Wretched political masturbation for the cameras: The Day Accountability Died.

Will Nanny wipe your butt, too? Bill proposed in Oregon would make cigarettes prescription-only drugs.

Why Young Women Want AR-15s.

House Democrats propose opening gun makers to civil liability. (i’d respond with an amendment making people who maintain gun-free zones liable for any violence on their premises)

 Gee, Romney Was Right About Mali, After All.
'Algeria Attack Vindicates Mitt Romney On Mali In War On Terror.'

Women Can Now Serve in Combat Roles*
*If They Want To... which seems to be a curious sort of 'equality.'

Women in combat: Will they have to register for the draft? By law, all young men have to.
Smile Train
Providing Cleft lip and palate surgery to children all over the world.
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