Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Update: Two Deadly Assault Rifles, 3 High Capacity Magazines and 1 Semi-Auto Shotgun Stolen from Jackson Co. Deputies during Weekend Crime Spree; Unarmed Citizens Need Not Worry.

The happy face headline from today's KC Star is "Car burglars swipe Jackson County deputies’ guns." No panicky demagogic rhetoric, just some harmless 'burglars' who 'swipe' deputies' 'guns.'

Think Barney Fife.

Yet, I'm pretty sure the thieves in Mayberry didn't defeat a high-security magnetic-lock system in their one vehicle to steal a deadly assault rifle with three 30 round magazines.

This, of course, is an update to yesterday's sketchy story about some scumbags who broke into cop cars in S.E. KC. and stole unspecified 'weapons and equipment.'  Apparently, these scumbags were busy all across south KC this past weekend:
"One rifle was taken in a burglary that occurred overnight Thursday, and a rifle and shotgun were taken in one of seven burglaries reported early Monday. The thief also made off with some law enforcement gear.

The rifles are the same type used in the Newton, Conn., school massacre last month. (AR15's - Ed.)

In this week’s crime spree, the thief broke into two vehicles owned by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and four owned by Kansas City police that were parked in two south Kansas City neighborhoods. One neighborhood is near Bannister Road and Hocker Street and the second neighborhood is about five miles away, just north of Truman Medical Center Lakewood.

The thief stole an AR-15 type rifle and shotgun from one deputy’s car. Nothing of value was taken from the Kansas City police cars, police said...
...Police believe the most recent crimes occurred between 9 p.m. Sunday and 2:30 a.m. Monday, when police were called to the neighborhood near Bannister Road after the thief apparently started firing the newly stolen AR-15 into the air. (emphasis mine)
Neighbors heard two instances of gunfire. Police later found shell casings. Officers found police papers and a briefcase scattered on the ground. They fanned out through the nearby neighborhood, where they discovered the break-ins.
Police believe the crime spree is connected to a similar heist discovered about 5:35 a.m. Friday in the 9800 block of Wornall Road in which a thief stole an AR-15 type rifle and three loaded 30-round magazines from a Ford Crown Victoria owned by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office."
Move along, unarmed citizens. The police will serve and protect you from this 'swipe.'
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