Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Stuff

The world's most expensive hole is for sale and gives new meaning to 'money pit.' (no J-Lo jokes, please)
"Eager extreme divers flock to the 663-foot-deep Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest saltwater hole in the world and therefore the world's "mecca of free diving," to test out their ambitious, body-contorting breathing exercises..."

Florida colleges rank high in ‘sugar daddies’ paying student tuition.
"In a news release, the site’s founder and CEO Brandon Wade said “the growth of southern female co-eds seeking the Sugar Lifestyle is a move in the right direction to bring back Southern charm.” When asked what he meant by that, Gwynn said she believes being involved with a “sugar daddy” is a way that “people are cultivating these girls to become more successful later in life.”
"Cultivating.' Yup. I hear it called that all the time.

Speaking of prostitutes: Eric Holder Brags About Burning 3,000 Bankers At the Stake.
"But none of the race-bias cases highlighted by the administration was litigated in court. Evidence was never presented or tested, nor guilt ever proven. What's more, no incident of discrimination was ever specified, and no individual complainants or victims of discrimination were ever identified."
Michael Walsh at NRO says Cancel my Subscription! He's alarmed by the lack of ideological diviersity in press corps. 

More: Health care law may mean less hiring in 2013.

Still relevant: An interactive map locating the Journal News employees in your (NY) neighborhood. 

Did Journal News “gun map” lead to burglary? (i question the timing)

Construction is complete on behemoth airship; first flight planned.
"The Aeroscraft is a zeppelin with a 230-foot rigid skeleton made of aluminum and carbon fiber. It's a new type of hybrid aircraft that combines airplane and airship technologies and doesn't need a long runway to take off or land because it has piston engines that allow it to move vertically and a new high-tech buoyancy control system. Ultimately, the company wants to be able to carry up to 66 tons."
I think the limit is 16 for carry-on: Eighteen severed human heads are discovered by customs agents at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

For cremation (wtf)??

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