Friday, February 15, 2013

Hundreds of Students Brawl at Minn. High School

 From the local CBS affiliate: Race Culture Riot? 
"The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between the 8 percent of students who are Somali Americans and the 20 percent who are African Americans."
 Last I looked at my world map, Somalia is in Africa. But I'm not viewing that map through the perverse funhouse mirror of multi-hyphenated-culturalism.

 No arrests were made, but police plan to review surveillance video, which may lead to charges.

From a complacent AP:
"MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A food fight quickly turned into a brawl involving hundreds of students at a Minneapolis high school on Thursday, forcing police to use chemical spray to break up the melee.

Four people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, including a staff member who was hit in the head with a bottle, according to the school and police.

The 15-minute fracas broke out during lunchtime at South High School. No weapons were used, but about 200 to 300 students were involved, Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer said."
Gee. If only there were a list of 10 rules or commandments in which to teach self-control to these students...

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