Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Your 65 Million Y.O. Mother

First Ancestor of All Placental Mammals Revealed ...Hypothesized ...Imagined.

From Live Science:
"Species like rodents and primates did not share the Earth with nonavian dinosaurs, but arose from a common ancestor — a small, insect-eating, scampering animal — shortly after the dinosaurs' demise," said researcher Maureen O'Leary at Stony Brook University in New York.

The study was so thorough that the team, made up of 23 scientists from around the world, was able to speculate on the appearance of this hypothetical ancestor inside and out, from its brain and inner ear bones to its ovaries and even what its sperm may have looked like (it sported a head and tail like modern-day sperm cells do)."
Got that? Scientists were able to 'speculate on the appearance of this hypothetical ancestor inside and out..'

I've got a real problem with this type of 'science,' which truly is nothing more than speculation utilizing extrapolation to confirm a consensus of best guesses that's ultimately based upon the faith that they're all correct.

But good thing they didn't invoke something silly, like 'creation,' because, you know, that would be ridiculous.

And because this is the internet, this science website has a poll asking, 'What would you name this pipsqueak ancestor?' Out of the 5 answers proffered, 'fantasy' wasn't one of 'em. Oddly enough.

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