Friday, February 15, 2013

Sequester Looking Pretty Inevitable

So says Ed Morrissey at Hot Air dot com:
"Of course, at different times both parties have expressed support for letting the sequester hit.  Democrats thought it was a great idea when the White House demanded that Republicans accept it in the summer 2011 budget deal, and as late as just a few months ago, Barack Obama scolded Republicans for trying to “wriggle out” of the deal.  When Republicans embraced the cuts, suddenly Democrats started talking about how dangerous they are.  Perhaps neither side is terribly anxious in reality to undo the only reductions in spending that they’ve so far managed to produce, and that’s why they’re all leaving town rather than deal with the consequences."
Translation: This is simply another phalanx in Obama's perpetual demagogic campaign of manufactured crises in which to blame the Republicans. The American people hardest hit.
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