Friday, March 08, 2013

$550,000 UCSD Federal Grant Studies ‘safer sex practises in Tijuana’

 Because draconian sequester cuts.

'Exploring tai chi as a behavioral intervention for heart failure patients?'

Yes, there’s a $386,000 grant for that, because draconian sequester cuts.

From Aaron Burgin at U-T San Diego:
"More than $2 billion in grant dollars flow from the federal government to San Diego County agencies and groups, for activities ranging from medical research to highway construction, social services to cultural endeavors.

At the University of California San Diego, grants include $5.9 million for the study of “novel paradigms of diabetic complications” and $2.5 million for Alzheimer’s disease research. At San Diego State, they include nearly $600,000 for "the promotion of physical activity in churchgoing Latinas."
Yes, really. 


To be sure, the efficacy of diabetic complications studies or Alzheimer’s disease research are noble efforts, but must thousands or millions or billions of tax payer dollars be so often involved (and frequently squandered) when BIG PHARMA, BioTech, and other private industries are more than profit motivated enough to tackle such research at their own expense?

After all, Pres. Obama has only $3.515 TRILLION to run the govt., and yet he still can't make the planes fly on time. Or conduct tours of the White House.

Because, you know...  draconian sequester cuts.

So why is San Diego such a federal hotspot for federal grant money? Federal spending there has grown from $19 billion at the start of the century.

Because draconian sequester cuts. Of course.

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