Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Weaken an Economy

A vibrant society successfully riding a thriving free market economy is a complex, multifaceted endeavor, and it can turn ugly fairly quick. Think of Rubik's cube. Even the most analytical of us needs a little time to puzzle out a jumbled cube, transforming it into its ordered and uniform state of completion. But it only takes a moron - or deliberate saboteur - a half a dozen or so twists and turns to really screw it all up into a jumbled mess.

The erudite Victor Davis Hanson breaks down the component parts of 'How to Weaken an Economy:'

*The Law
*Top Down, Not Bottom Up
 "The world is a finite system, a pie with only so many slices. There is no middle class, just rich and poor. For each F student, an A student stole the former’s resources. I would invest not in honor students, but in remedial ones. Grades and test scores should count little for college admission; life “experiences” and community service far better would ensure the presence of mediocre students. The aim again is not to turn out graduates with expertise or knowledge who build a strong economy, but to graduate students, brand them with degrees, and ensure they are invested in a similar ideology of redistribution..."
*The War of Words
*Everywhere a War
*Success is Failure

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