Friday, March 22, 2013

In Mideast, Obama Returns to U.S. Race Metaphors

Big surprise, yes?

From a perplexed Politico:
'Obama's comments—which invoked life under Jim Crow in the U.S. or perhaps even under slavery—seemed to give support to Palestinian narratives that describe Arabs and Palestinians as second-class citizens in Israel. That line of criticism deeply angers many Israelis. Some critics of Israel go so far as to use the word apartheid, a word that angers Israelis further.'
Alternative headline: Dissonant Pres. Obama Spends 15 Million Tax Payer Dollars to Go Overseas so He Can Babble to a People Dubious of His True Motives.

Because draconian sequester cuts.

(Look here, there, and yonder to understand why the Israelis might be a teeny tiny bit dubious about O's motives.)


 AllahPundit at references Elliot Abrams in the Weekly Standard to illustrate that Israel's liberal democratic nation (where Arabs obtain full citizenship, yet the reverse is brutally not true) is far from the most radically severe problem in the Mid East:
'In his remarks today he pictured an Arab world, and a Palestinian political system, yearning for peace with Israel through negotiated compromises. This ignores the vast ocean of anti-Semitism in the Arab world, and the inculcation of hatred of Jews and Israel in generation after generation of Arabs—including Palestinians. And it ignores the rising tide of Islamism in the region, which threatens to engulf all those political figures who would really like a compromise peace.'
For centuries, politicians from across the globe have cackled about treaties, or land, or negotiations, to achieve Mid east peace, but none of that is the true issue. I'll reiterate Abrams conclusion, albeit more blunt: the true issue is the Islamists' hatred of Jews and their stated goal of eradicating Israel and all its Jewish inhabitants from the earth. Period. (VIDEO)

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