Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Missouri Senate Republican Proposes Ban on Credit Card Surcharges

Krykee doodle. More micromanaging, nanny-state gub'mint nitwit bull squat! This is why people are fed up with the Republican Party: they're often indistinguishable from Democrats.
'Sponsoring Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt, of Glendale, said his bill is an important consumer protection as credit card usage grows. Retailers could be charged with a Class D felony for continuing to assess a surcharge. (typically 1.5 to 3 percent).'

Opponents say businesses need to charge extra because it's expensive to allow credit cards as a form of payment. Schmitt says retailers could build that cost into an item's price rather than charge the extra fee.'

And there you have it; our betters in gub'mint with their genius thought process: take away consumer choice, and make it more expensive for everyone.

But not all retailers like the surcharge idea, nor will they add they surcharge. And what's to prevent a work-around like providing a discount to cash customers?

I got a crazy idea: why not treat customers like responsible adults and let the market place decide!!

Until this January, companies like Visa and MasterCard had policies that prohibited participating retailers from adding surcharges. The settlement of an antitrust suit brought by some retailers forced the change. Debit cards are exempt.

Yet, as many as 10 states already have laws on the books to prohibit the credit card surcharge. Missouri seeks to be the eleventh, with 12 more states considering the legislation.


Uh, oh. Nanny is unhappy in Australia.

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