Saturday, March 16, 2013

OZ Continues Great and Powerful Position at Box Office

Disney's "Oz the Great and Powerful" prequel, about how the Wizard became the Wizard of Oz, came in number one at the box office for the 2nd Friday in a row, handily besting its nearest competitor, Halle Berry's R-rated thriller, 'The Call' (reviewed here).

'Oz' took $11.4 million on Friday (domestic) from 3,912 theaters, more than 3,000 of which are 3D. The worldwide total so far is $183 million, up from $150 million last week.

It's a rarity when Mrs. Locomotivebreath and myself venture out to a theatre, particularly with the vapid, verbose and vulgar fare frequently offered up out of the Hollywood sewer.  However, with the recent buzz by others, along with my own interest about this movie, we took a chance on Disney's Oz,  in 3-D!

Is it a great movie? No. But as PTC stated last week, 'its positive story themes, magical sense of adventure, and magnificent production values' make this movie a wondrous thrill for kids, and delightful entertainment for adults. It's an enjoyable family movie. We highly recommend it.

I posted several movie critics' brief reviews and a synopsis about this film last week.

Update: this weekend's box office total (domestic) estimated at $42.2 million, puts Disney in the black for this $215 million big screen production - proving once again, that family fare always scores big with the audience. Yet, oddly enough, Hollywood always turns again - like a dog to vomit - toward nasty R rated flops. 
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