Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Senate Bill would Block Missouri Welfare from Being Spent at Casinos, Liquor stores

From the Political Fix blog at the ST. Louis Post-Dispatch:
"In addition to placing specific restrictions on where Electronic Benefit Transfer cards can be used, the Senate bill would bar businesses from accepting them for purchases of alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets.

Initial violations would result in misdemeanor charges, but repeat offenders would face felony charges."
The truly sad part? That this predictable abusive behavior concerning welfare wasn't predicted and thwarted before it became a predictable legislative afterthought, long after millions of tax payer dollars were wasted.

The bill has bipartisan sponsorship from state Sen. Will Kraus (R) and Sen. Maria Nadal (D).

And rest assured, the tax payers are being robbed by this type of welfare fraud in all 50 states.
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